Enough With the Hitler Comparisons!

I’m tired of Hitler being invoked by idiots who want to vilify people
they have disagreements with .  Invoking his evil image and name to
suggest that people you have intellectual or philosophical
disagreements with is really no different than saying I have a monopoly
truth so if you disagree with me you are the devil.  In political
science classes, they teach that people who think that way are
“supremacists.” Which is an intellectual label for fascism.

2.  This is so typical of political conservatives in this country. 
Someone explain to me how any Jewish people can identify with the
American right wing in general and the Republican party in particular.
It’s mind boggling.


About Mitchell S. Gilbert

Mitch Gilbert is a social worker, writer, and religious educator. A native of Brooklyn, New York, he has done community development work in Washington DC, Cleveland, Akron, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. Mitch earned a BA at Brooklyn College (CUNY), a Master of Science in Social Administration degree from Case Western Reserve University. In addition, Mitch has done graduate studies in Jewish tradition, history, and culture at New York University and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Mitch serves as a volunteer Jewish chaplain in a state prison and a senior adult residential community. In addition to writing/blogging, he an avid volunteer and political activist.
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